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Welcome to the Home Page for the Santa Barbara Jugglers Association and for the Juggling Club at UCSB! We are open to everybody interested in juggling. Come out and learn to juggle, learn new tricks or pass clubs with the "experienced" jugglers. Other props too: diablo, unicycle, cigar boxes, etc. Bring your toys!

And a special welcome to listeners of the My Favorite Murderer Podcast which had an episode featuring Patty Laney, the inspiration for our Festival.
Here is an article with for more information.

Some of you have asked about purchasing a T-Shirt to benefit "Standing Together to End Sexual Assault" (STESA), formerly known as the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center. Thank you for your interest and support!

Unfortunately, we have suspended shirt sales during the pandemic. Please send your donations directly to STESA.

If you'd like to attend our annual Jugglers' Festival, it is typically hosted in the springtime in the Isla Vista area. This website will publicize those details as they become available.

Click here to subscribe to our mailing list. This is highly recommended if you plan on joining us when we gather to juggle. You will want to be informed of any changes from the normal schedule or location.

Click here for information on our weekly meetings.

What's New?

New juggling location for Saturdays.

Juggling Pattern Spreadsheets
2021 Festival Information:

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